Discover the Southwest Alentejo and the Vicentine Coast
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The Natural Park of the Alentejo’s South West and Costa Vicentina (89.595 ha, of which 28965 ha are of maritime area) has a great diversity of coastal habitats, including beaches, cliffs, islets and isolated rocks. The Pessegueiro island, in reality a consolidated dune, is anchored two steps from shore. In land, woods and moors alternate with irrigated and rainfed plantations and production woods.

Presence of rare botanical species mainly on the area of the Sagres and São Vicente capes. Varied nesting bird fauna with the white stork building nests on coastal rocks and an important passageway for numerous other birds. Interesting otter population which frequents the sea.

The constant presence of the Ocean and never ending horizons, the majestic nature of São Vicente, a sunset of the gods, the stories of Sagres and above all those enormous stone walls posted before the ocean hiding or revealing small big beaches and attractive little fishing ports complete one of the simultaneously loneliest and most attractive landscape in Portugal.