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Clara Pratas

Clara  Pratas  was born in Alentejo in 1971 and grew up in Vila Nova de Milfontes. She showed interest in mind related questions from an early age.

She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Lisbon in 1995. This degree was the first deep delve in her self-knowledge, which triggered a personal development process parallel with a professional path about helping others.

In 2002 she started to practice Yoga. This first contact with yoga happened after her first maternity experience. During her second pregnancy, six years after, the voice of Yoga spoke more profoundly, and after giving birth, her relationship with the practice of yoga changed, was intensified, deepening the study of the psychology that underlies to this practice. The connection between Yoga and Psychology became evident in her self-understanding, the understanding of others and in the support of human development.

In June 2012, she finished her training as a Hatha Yoga teacher (250h) from ChampaShala International Studio.

She then started to teach Yoga in Santiago do Cacém, Sines and Vila Nova de Milfontes. Nowadays, she continues to study and deepen her knowledge of Yoga at the Lilatribe School of Yoga with Bel Janela.

She considers Yoga to be a celebration of life with joy and authenticity. The task of taking this joy and well-being through Yoga became clear and urgent, believing that Yoga is for everyone, she’s been working with groups of all ages, with various physical and psychological conditions. Besides her regular classes, she practices Yoga with Families; Yoga for Cyclists; Yoga for Pregnancy; Yoga for Corporates.

She collaborates with the company Nature Activities in events that combine the practice of Yoga with natural sceneries like beaches, dams, mountains, lawns.

Her main influences are Iyengar Yoga and Anusara Yoga.

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