Descubra o Sudoeste Alentejano e a Costa Vicentina
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The best Kayak experience on the River Mira!

Discover the beauty of Alentejo Coast.

We can go with you... anywhere you want!

Discover unique places on our tours by the coast.

Explore the Rio Mira and live unique moments.

The pleasure of discovering Portugal on foot.

Discover with us the Vicentine Coast and the Natural Park.


Our Services

Wine Tasting

Alentejo is famous for the quality of its wines. We propose to present the wine from this region in a traditional winehouse.
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Southwest Alentejo Yoga

From the silence nature to the inner silence. Indoor and Outdoor Yoga classes with Clara Pratas.
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2 tours available along the vicentine route.
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Private transfers

Arrange for a private transfer between the airport and your hotel or travel comfortably during your stay.
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Inland Tour

Choose a van ride to know the main tourist attractions of the region safely and comfortably.
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By the Coast Tour

Hiking by the coast with only the sea ahead.
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Exploring Rio Mira

The vegetation varies with the salinity and the fauna with approximately 130 species identified, make this a unique and breathtaking experience.
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Milfontes Kayak

Kayaking on Mira river. One of the cleanest of Europe.
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